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Mrs. Mary Cox, mother of Dave Cox is killed in an automobile accident.

A fast eastbound Nickel Plate freight train derails near the Aladdin.

The third tornado to strike Alexandria and the vicinity within the past month, inflicted heavy damages last night about 9 oclock, leaving the South Side Market on South Harrison street and several farm homes and other buildings in the rural area just north of the city in shambles. The tornado apparently began its winding trip through the community somewhere a short distance from the David Swisher country home on the west Eleventh Street road, where the family automobile was crushed when the barn and other outbuildings were demolished. The Swisher family escaped serious injury when the residence was also damaged.

All members of the Adult Kid Kanteen board are urged to attend an important business meeting Thursday night at the Kid Kanteen rooms. Active members of the board, headed by Arthur Trout, stated today that unless there is an increase in attendance at board meetings, the board will have to be dissolved, and Kanteen matters will be turned over to some organization.

Also more tornado news.

Armscamp Speedway opened its 1948 racing season yesterday when Leroy Warriner of Indianapolis led a field of twelve midget racers across the finish line in the 25 lap feature race of the afternoon. Potsy Goacher, of Anderson, opened the afternoons festivities by copping the five lap trophy dash in one minute and 19.7 seconds. Tom Cherry, of Muncie, and Leroy Warriner placed second and third respectively.

The Nickel Plate puts two passenger trains back on the schedule after coal strike settlement.

Tag Day Sale slated by Kid Kanteen.

The custom of wearing a poppy as a memorial flower seemed to spring up naturally both in the United States and England after the close of World War I. Returning soldiers brought back memories of the little wild poppies growing along the edge of the trenches, beneath the tangled barbed wire around the shell holes, and over fresh earth of the battle graves. They were the one touch of natures beauty which survived in that area of destruction known as the western front, and came to symbolize the heroism of those who died. The poppy was first distributed publicly on the streets of Milwaukee in June 1919, in connection with the home-coming of the 32nd Division and was first used to raise funds for aid of disabled veterans in that same city the following May. The American Legion adopted the poppy as its memorial flower at its National Convention in Cleveland in 1920, and by the American Legion Auxiliary at its first National Convention in Kansas City in 1921. At first silk poppies made in France by French widows and orphans were distributed by the Legion and Auxiliary on Poppy Day. Making of poppies by disabled American veterans was begun in hospitals was begun in hospitals in Minnesota in 1922, and the veteran made crepe paper flowers gradually displaced the silk poppies.

Kid Kanteen to be redecorated.

Bob Breading, stellar Indianapolis midget driver, thrilled 5,000 race fans at Armscamp Speedway by capping his third 25 lap main event in as many weeks.

The citizens of Orestes have gotten together to construct a new town park. Most of the labor will be donated by volunteers, but all equipment necessary for the new project will be purchased from contributions now being received at the Orestes post office, Walkers grocery, and Grose market. Members of the park board will also accept contributions to the park fund. Board members include Ralph King, chairman; Charles B. Welborn, clerk-treasurer; and Robert L. Blake, manager. Work on clearing the ground at the new park site commenced Monday night with a large number of persons reporting for the program. Efforts will be continued each evening, when weather permits, until the site is cleared and in condition to begin construction of permanent fixtures. The type of equipment to be placed on the grounds has not been announced. Lights will be installed for night games. Plans are underway for adult supervision of the park area by women of the community during daylight hours and by men in the evenings.

Kid Kanteen Saturday parties are suspended. At a recent meeting of the Kanteen Board, tentative plans to arrange Kanteen meetings in Beulah Park for the remainder of the summer while extensive redecoration is carried out in the present rooms.

Former employees of the Union Traction Company of Indiana will meet at Shadyside Park in Anderson for a reunion.

Race driver Stan Smola, 37, of Fort Wayne, is in very critical condition following a crash at Armscamp Speedway.

Skateland to be opened soon with new soundproofing.

Also Alexandria mayor asks community to help raise needed funds for the Kid Kanteen.

Benefit ball games will help Kid Kanteen drive.

More than 30 young people of Alexandria started out at 9 oclock this morning for a house to house canvas of the residential section of town in order to raise funds for operation of the Kids Kanteen.

Joe Mesalam announced today that Skateland would be opening a bit late on September 23rd.

Also the Alexandria Lions Club voted to aid the Kid Kanteen.

Cleaning and redecorating begins at Kid Kanteen.

The Alexandria park board voted to turn Baums Park over to the Alexandria High School for a football field.

State Senator, Sam Johnson, of Anderson, will be the speaker Tuesday night October 26th, at a Republican township rally at the Knights of Pythias Hall at Orestes. King Davis, committeeman from Precinct 4, is in charge of arrangements. The meeting is scheduled for 8 oclock.

An invitation was extended today to the general public to attend the formal reopening of the Kid Kanteen Saturday night and inspect the rooms which have been completely renovated since the Kanteen was closed six weeks ago. Miss Patty Lewis is president of the youth group.

Also a final report on the recent Kid Kanteen fund drive conducted by members showed that $1,500 had been collected. Redecorating cost $728 leaving an additional $725.49 in the Kanteen treasury.

Circulation of petitions in Orestes today brought to light a movement which has been underway for some time, to secure a new gymnasium and two additional class rooms at the Orestes consolidated school. Heading the movement is Raymond Davis, town clerk. The petitions ask that township trustee, Marvin Worley, and the advisory board authorize construction of the rooms and gym.

Kid Kanteen has its first party of series.

The Cunningham Comets will meet the Orestes squad tonight in a junior high school basketball game at the Cunningham gym east of Alexandria. The Comets will be out for victory number 23. The Cunningham reserves are keeping pace with the first team by holding an undefeated record for the last two years.

The Cunningham Comets extended their unbroken victory string to 23 Wednesday night when they trounced the Orestes Cyclones, 52 to 14, in a junior high game played at the Cunningham gym. Taking an early lead, the Comets were ahead all the way and coasted to an easy victory. The Orestes players were: Couch, Buckles, Foster, Linsberg, Meador, and Boston.

Alexandria to get a modern deluxe theatre.

Kid Kanteen paper drive to be Saturday the 12th.

Cunningham closes its basketball season with 28 wins and no losses.

Kid Kanteen to serve visiting musicians

Also Orestes, Alexandria, Frankton, and Cunningham entered in basketball tournament to be held at Cunningham February 19th.

Teams ready for Cunningham Tourney Saturday.

Cunningham junior high basketball tournament scores.
Alexandria 31, Orestes 14
Cunningham 27, Frankton 20
Frankton 52, Orestes 26
Cunningham 35, Alexandria 10

Herman Brown purchases insurance business in Alexandria.

Marion to get RCA television tube plant.

An old-fashioned box social and cake walk will highlight the 50th anniversary celebration of the Orestes Knights of Pythias at the K.of P. hall. Music and other entertainment is scheduled. The general public has been invited to share the event.

Cunningham and Orestes consolidated school students from the third grade up are taking advantage of the free swimming classes this week at the Anderson YMCA. The classes are in charge of Ted Stewart of Anderson. Approximately 150 students from the two schools are receiving instructions in swimming and life saving. Township busses are conveying the students to Anderson. Instructions will be concluded with Fridays classes.

In response to a petition circulated last year by Orestes citizens requesting the addition of a gymnasium to the Orestes School, the Monroe township advisory committee and trustee Marvin Worley, are considering a number of sketches of the proposed addition, Worley said today. Drawings submitted by Ernest Watkins, Anderson architect, provide for several alternative plans, one providing for a gymnasium with two class rooms on either end. Both sketches provide for the addition on the west side of the building. Construction on such a addition would not start before next spring, if plans are approved, Worley said. The method of financing has not been worked out.

Kanteen Tag Day nets $65.

Timing their action on a rainy night when the Cox I.G.A. Super Market was preparing to close and no customers were in the store, two youthful unmasked robbers, one armed, held up Mrs. Earl Morton, cashier at the store, and escaped with $477.43, at 9:30 oclock last night. Others were working in the rear of the store and were unaware of the robbery until the robbers had disappeared.

Board set rules for the Kid Kanteen

Fire starting from an overheated stove caused considerable damage to the Christian Church at Orestes Saturday afternoon at 12:30 oclock when most of the furnishings inside of the building were destroyed. Insurance adjusters had not estimated the damage yet today, but all of the seats, carpet, and the piano were burned. A new electric organ, which was purchased recently by the church, was removed from the church and was not damaged. A small boy whose name was not learned, discovered smoke coming from the church door and ran to the Orestes Voluntary Fire Department and the Alexandria Fire department responded to the call. Considerable water damage was reported inside the church. The blaze was confined to the inside of the building and only minor damage was reported to the roof where firemen broke shingles to combat the blaze in the attic. A place to hold temporary services is expected to be selected this week.

Coach Ronald Treeshs Cunningham Comets chalked up their 33rd consecutive victory Thursday night when they walloped the Orestes Cyclones 35-16.

Cunningham comets won their 35th straight game defeating the Frankton Eagles 37-19.

The Cunningham comets winning streak was halted at 35 as the Indianapolis Presbyterian Tabernacle defeated the team 23-18 at Indianapolis.

A Monroe township trustee announced that plans are being rushed to effect an early as possible erection of an addition of two class rooms and an auditorium to the Orestes Consolidated School. The advisory board met with Mr. Ernest R. Watkins, an Anderson architect, Dale Prough Superintendent of County Schools, and C.O. Davison, township attorney, to discuss plans on the $83,000 project. Construction will be of red brick, stone and steel and will be fireproof.

An announcement was made today of the incorporation of the 30 year old Brunson Canning Company. Papers were filed with the state and Madison County indicating that the firm will be known as the Brunson Canning Company Incorporated. Officials include that Shirl R. Brunson of Anderson is president of the firm and his brother Doyle is the secretary-treasurer. The company has purchased all assets of the older company which employees 175 during the canning season.

Max Bell is the new head basketball coach at Alexandria High School.

Local race track called Hill-Top Race Speedway.

Kroger store opening in Alexandria.

Crosleys, English Fords, and other small racing cars make their debut at the Hill-Top Speedway.

The Alexandria Theatre to open on Friday.

Alexandria Theatre opens.

Many new speed records are set at Hill-Top Speedway.

Race driver, Alvin H. Wallace, 40, of Cincinnati died yesterday as a result of a crash at Hill-Top Raceway Friday night. Mr. Wallace died of massive head, and internal injuries.

Joseph Anthony Smith of Alexandria and Leo Kurtz of Elwood were killed at 8:45 p.m. Thursday when their car skidded into a bridge abutment on State road 28 near Dundee. Deputy Sheriff Bill Brogdon reported the car was traveling west on the highway when it struck a bridge abutment over a small stream near the intersection of the Dundee Road. The automobile was completely demolished and both men were thrown from the wreckage into the creek.

Madison County Sheriff, Joe Brogdon issued a warning that he would take matters into his own hands in order to curb slot machines int he county. Fourteen slot machines were confiscated in Elwood and Alexandria over the weekend.

Race driver Paul Camp was fatally injured in a crash at Armscamp Speedway.

R.H. Roberts and Arthur Trout, co-chairmen of the Alexandria adult Kid Kanteen board announced that a critical shortage of chaperon help may necessitate closing of the Kid Kanteen on the lease expiration date which is in the near future. Approximately 200 young people attended the regular Saturday night party last week with no chaperons on hand early in the evening.

Ward Beam and his Champion Dare Devils will visit Armscamp Speedway for a special July 4th program Wednesday. A large audience is expected to watch the Beam assortment of crash specialists in action. On the bill are roll-overs, broad jumping of automobiles and head-on crashes at high speeds. The Beam outfit is regarded as one of the top thrill shows. Armscamp will present its regular hardtop program Friday July 6th. Six events are scheduled with the first race at 8:30 p.m.

Girl dies of rabies in New Castle.

Also four dogs killed by Alexandria police after two dogs died with rabies.

Three cows die of rabies and one dog case suspect.

Two more suspected cases of rabies.

With numerous complaints coming into the offices of Alexandria Police Chief, Melvin Fox and Madison county sheriff Joe Brogdon, dog owners are releasing their dogs in rural areas near Alexandria during the rabies epidemic, Brogdon today authorized farmers to shoot and destroy any stray dog on his premises. Farmers will not be subject to prosecution for such an act, Brogdon said. We must use every precaution in ridding the city and community of Alexandria of the stray dog menace. Also county dog catchers have been ordered by Brogdon to patrol Alexandria and pick up all stray dogs.

More dogs killed by the Alexandria police.

Johnny Arnold set the track record at Armscamp Speedway last night circling the quarter mile oval for 25 laps i na time of 9:28.10.

Canning factories in Alexandria and Orestes are working with a full force and overtime to take care of what is expected to be a record tomato pick this year. Workers are working day and night shifts as well as holidays and Sundays to take care of the large supplies.

The Wann Tomato Cannery was destroyed by fire in Frankton.

Kid Kanteen youth board names committees to organize and plan activities for the winter. The meeting was held at the Kanteen with president Miss Janice Johnson, in charge. Arthur Trout, R. H. Roberts and Mrs. August Wehsollek, members of the adult board attended. The Kanteen rooms have been redecorated and cleaned and parents are urged to visit on party nights at any time. Members to serve on committees were: Susan Roberts, Sara Stahlhuth, Virginia Deakyne, Rex Jenkins, Bill Armstrong, and Dallas Thomas, Mary Jane Scott, Carol Golden, Shirley Leach, Lloyd Frix, Jim Wehsollek, Ronnie Beard, and Bill Kildow. Also were Caroline Hurst, Sue Wilson, Noreen Beeman, R. H. Dalton, Jim Tobey, Jack Matney, Nancy McCasliin, Betty Underwood, Patricia Alexander, Charles Donahue, and Don Miller.

The Kid Kanteen board has made plans for a dance following a game November 24th.

An appeal was issued by the Alexandria chapter of the American Red Cross through its disaster chairman, Curtis Ellis, for aid to a family whose home was burned completely down Saturday night at Orestes. As a result of the fire tragedy at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Mr. & Mrs. James Otis Cox and their three small children today are homeless and without furniture and clothing.

Aladdin Industry to stop and Haynes Stellite to begin.

The Indiana public service commission yesterday approved a request by the New York Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (Nickel Plate) for permission to close its Orestes station and substitute a non-agency prepay station there. W.J. Ogden is agent at the Orestes station which has been in operation for many years. During testimony on the utilitys request; it was revealed that most Orestes shippers could avail themselves of the agency at Alexandria only three-and-a-half miles away, or the Elwood station. In its decision, the commission said it believed the slight inconvenience to the public caused by the closing would be far outweighed by the need of the railroad to economize. The order gave the utility authority to close its agency at Orestes at the end of thirty days.

Preliminary staking and marking out at the site of the new Christian church in Orestes has been started by the contractor, Alva Ferguson. The new structure will be built east of the present church building. According to church officials the new building will be completed by January. Church leaders have also announced that the Ralph King property has been purchased and will be used for a parsonage. The home is being redecorated and the pastor, the Rev. O.A. Guy and family, will move shortly.

With the weather conditions slowing up the tomato runs at the Orestes canning factories, managers of the two concerns today said that they expect to start peeling again next week. Doyle Brunson, manager of the Brunson Canning Company, said that tomatoes have been poor and that he expects no peeling operations until next Tuesday. Brunson employees 135 workers.

Managers of the Orestes Canning Company, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Reichart stated that the run is slow and they expect the bulk to be at the end of next week. Employment there varies from 150 to 300 on the payroll. Both plants started early.