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Kenneth Koon

Sept. 13, 1914 - May 5, 2004

Kenneth Koon died May 5th 2004. A native of Summitville he was a highly decorated WWII Veteran. Mr. Koon had received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star of Valor.

He was a member of the United States Marine Corp. He landed on the Solomon Islands with a small force to face a large Japanese force. The second day on the island the Marines were attacked. Pfc. Eugene Moore was wounded. In rescuing him Mr. Koon killed 31 Japanese soldiers being wounded himself. Out of 50 Marines only 11 made it out. Accounts of Mr.Koons exploits can be read in Strong Men Armed and Heroes of the Pacific. He was honored at the Smalltown Festival on Sept. 12th 1984 with

Kenneth Koon Day.

Our website is new and will grow in time. We welcome your participation especially with offerings of old photographs of Alexandria and Monroe Township and of course the stories and tales are encouraged too.

Much of the history was offered by Dave Dwiggins to help us get started. His research was primarily focused on Orestes, Monroe Township, interurbans and railroads. He apologizes for the information being one sided but interjects, it was never meant for this purpose, only as a reference for his personal research.

April 6

Madison Co Historical Society

Jean Stamm of the Madison County Historical Society has been working hard to construct a website and has succeeded. The site is new and much of the construction is ongoing. The Gazette, the MCHS newsletter, includes lots of local history, a list of club officers and a schedule of events. The site also includes the Civil War Roundtable newsletter and lots more. It is great to be able to find more history sites that actually offer history on their websites rather than dominated by administrative information. After all we are named The Historical Society and not the Administrative Society.
Please visit the site regularly to see the progress.

Madison Co Historical Society Website