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The 2nd Annual Orestes School Adult Talent Show is to be presented on Tuesday Evening, Jan 17, in the Community Room at 7 oclock. The committee composed of Mrs. Dallas Ludlow, Mrs. Chester Ellis, and Robert McMahan, has arranged a fine program. Some of the numbers on the evening are: a guitar and harmonica duet by Larry Clark; a ladies quartet, Velma Hayes, Mary Davis, Linda Davis, and Uva Overman; a skit, School Day in Dog Patch presented by the Christian church Hillbillies; a vocal duet given by Mrs. Gooding and JoAnn Swisher; and Ye Plenty Loude Kitchen Band. There are 14 numbers on the program. There is no charge for the program and everyone is invited.

Alexandria turns back Elwood in the Anderson Sectional 62 to 40 with former Orestes star Larry Henderson leading the way.

The Indianapolis Attucks turned back a cold shooting Alexandria tiger team 53 to 43 in Indianapolis Regional action.

Russia launched a man into space and returned him safely.

Alan B. Shepard Jr. became the first American in space today.

In one of the best little league games ever played in Alexandria, Steve Telfer and Tony Hocker hooked up in a real pitchers duel yesterday. After 8 innings of play, little league director, Shorty Burdsall called the game with the score tied at 1-1. Each team was given credit for the win. In the final count Hocker had fanned a total of 24 batters and Telfer had struck out 23. Hocker gave up two hits, one to Bobby Pierce and the other to Telfer, while Telfer did not allow a hit. Hocker played for Coxes market and Telfer played for Loveless Lumber. 43 years later Hocker recalled the game. That was an amazing game. Telf looked like he was about 25 years old, six feet tall and had to shave. We were both determined not to lose.

Sidewalk Days are set for July 27, 28, and 29.

Gus Grissom, Indianas astronaut made a successful space venture today but has close call.

Everett Rossow is named band director at Alexandria high School.

Joe Besser, who previously served the Alexandria Danner Brothers Store as assistant manager, has returned to become manager of the Alex store. He succeeds Clyde Bozell, manager the past three years. Besser left Alexandria when Bozell came to the store in 1958. He left Alex to become manager of the Indianapolis Maple Road store and later became manager of the Bremen store. He came to Alexandria a bachelor and married the former Carolyn Harrison before he left.

The worlds largest dome will be raised October 17th at Anderson College at 268 feet in diameter. It will take workers about four and a half hours to raise the dome which was constructed on a mound of dirt. It is estimated that the dome weighs approximately 3 million pounds.

Cunningham, Orestes, and the Alexandria Junior high will join forces for one football program. Alex High School Athletic Director Jim Wehsollek pointed out the desirability of a strong junior high team as a feeder for the varsity which of course includes graduation from all three schools.

The Orestes Cyclones became the first winners of the First Annual Alexandria-Monroe Township Junior High Tourney held last Saturday (Feb. 3rd) when they polished off Cunningham 30 to 20 in the afternoon and Alexandria Junior High 40 to 29 in the championship game. The Alex Bulldogs had gained the final round with a 27 to 14 conquest of St. Marys in the second afternoon tilt.

Dixie Quotes by Bob Dickson

Saturday was the fourth time this season we had the opportunity to see the Orestes Cyclones in action. The western tornadoes came through in expected style in racking up their 15th victory in the Alexandria-Monroe Township Junior High Tourney, and did it in convincing fashion. The Orestes mentor is certainly to be congratulated for the fine team he has put out his season, and the Cyclones are just three games away from that perfect season. Nice going Whitey, and good luck in those remaining games.

The Orestes Cyclones completed a task last evening many schools and coaches dream of, an undefeated season. In the final game of the year the Orestes team under Coach Whitey Ellis hung a 64-40 defeat on the Summitville team. The team put forth a tremendous team effort to pull out the last one of the season and ran up a 42-13 halftime lead with the reserves playing a major portion of the last half. The Cyclones hit a superior 28 of 54 field goal attempts for a sparkling .518 average. Steve Eden with 22 led the way for the winners and had may assists. Tony Hocker helped out with 16 and Dave Stinefield with 13. Reid, Stinefield, and Eden were outstanding on the boards.

At the buzzer the floor was filled with family, students, teachers, reserve players and other fans, congratulating each player and the coach for a wonderful season. A and B team players entered the locker room on the north side and joined in a very jubilant private celebration. Within moments, Coach Ellis was escorted to the shower with his clothes on. Coach Ellis proudly put up very little effort in discouraging the special moment in everyones life.

The win accomplished the best won -lost record for the history of the school, including the Orestes Tourney crown and the Alexandria-Monroe Township Junior High Tourney crown. The little Cyclones finished their winning season at 10 wins and three losses.

John Glenn orbits the earth three times before splashing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Goose Ligon, 17, star of the Kokomo Wildcats, defending champions of the Indiana High School Basketball Tournament, was injured in an automobile accident at 3:00 a.m. today, one mile north of Alexandria. Ligon suffered a sprain of the left leg and an eye laceration when his car plunged through a guard rail along Indiana 9 and into a creek, after skidding on the icy surface of the road. The two men riding with Ligon were also injured.

The First Baptist Church of Orestes will be host to the Orestes Christian Church and the Lily Creek Baptist Church this Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. in observance of the World Day of Prayer. The program will be sponsored by the women of the churches, and all area residents are encouraged to attend. Mrs. Everett Judd is chairman, with Mrs. Garland Dwiggins as co-chairman of the planning committee.

A new bridge is to be constructed over Mud Creek on Washington Street in Alexandria.

The stretch of highway from Alexandria to Elwood gets state approval for resurfacing.

Public meetings are set on Pipe Creek Watershed Plans for April 22nd.

Len Sutton a veteran of 14 years in auto racing will appear at Coxes Super Market with his race car from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday May 5th and will talk about his car and the Memorial Day race. Suttons appearance in Alexandria is sponsored by Coxs Super Market and Marhoefer Packing Company.

Barbara Reid was named the 4-H Fair Queen for 1962. She is the daughter of Orestes School principal William Reid and art and music teacher Louise Reid.

U.S. planes and ships ring Cuba in a blockade after photos show Soviet supplied missiles are aimed at the United States.

U.S. and Russian ships head for a showdown in Cuba.

A Russian tanker passes through the U. S. blockade.

U.S. gathers military force in Florida Keys with the blockade continuing.

U.S. keeps guard up as President Kennedy seeks fulfillment of Russian vow to remove missiles.

Blockade lifted for 48 hours.

Russia expedites missile removal while Castro attempts to save face.

The second fire in a little more than two years destroyed the Robinson Lumber Company this afternoon as fire departments from three cities fought desperately to save it. The blaze that was discovered shortly after noon was still out of control at press time. Jack Robinson, owner of the firm stated that school teacher, Bob Dickson, rushed in a said it looks like you have a fire and the next then he knew the fire was out of control.

The sawmill in Frankton burned last evening as fire fighting units from six departments fought to save it.

One of the worst cold waves in Indiana history plunged temperatures to at least 32 degrees below zero today amid indications that much of the death-dealing, record cold spell will stay for most of this week. At least 46 persons had been killed since the cold front and new heavy snow moved into Hoosierland more than a week ago. The mercury skidded to 32 below zero at Greensburg at 5:30 a.m., just three degrees off the all-time Indiana record set February 2, 1951.

Fire destroyed the Long Trucking Company at Alexandria.

The Alexandria Tigers won the Anderson Sectional over highly favored Anderson Indians today 36-33. The Tigers led by Coach Shorty Burdsall accomplished what most Madison County fans gave them little chance to do. Anderson rated as high as 2nd during the year was rated 8th when the Tigers took them on.

Southport led by Louie Dampier put an end to the Tigers dream season by defeating them 57-51 at Butler Fieldhouse.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed two farm trailers loaded with hay and burned the tractor operator yesterday south of Orestes. Otto Gaines was pulling the hay-laden trailers when they caught fire at 4:40 p.m.. The Alexandria Fire Department extinguished the flames only after some $500 damage had been caused to the equipment and the high tension lines in the area. Gaines was brought to the fire station for treatment of back and arm burns, and was advised to consult a physician.

The Summitville fire station burned.

Investigators poked through tons of shattered concrete seeking the cause of a mighty explosion which ripped through a section of box seats at the opening night Halloween Ice Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum, killing 63 and injuring another 341 in the states second worst disaster. Gov. Matthew E. Welsh and Marion County Coroner Dr. Dennis Nicholas ordered an immediate thorough investigation to determine the cause of a blast, unofficially on compressed gas ignited in a concession stand section beneath the seats of the big Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum. The accident was the worst Indiana disaster since a 1925 tornado killed 70 in the Evansville area. The blast occurred a few minutes before the Holiday on Ice pageant ended its first show before a crowd of more than 4,300. The coliseum seats nearly 16,000.

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated today in Dallas, Texas.

President John F. Kennedy was laid to rest today in Arlington Cemetery.

Shorty Burdsall is named principal of the Alexandria High School.

Terry Walker and Cindy Jackley win Elks state contest awards for youth leadership.

Gas will be made available to the town of Orestes and to Scott and Phillips additions, an official of the Central Indiana Gas Company said yesterday while in Alexandria. A hearing before the board of trustees of Orestes will be held in April to clear a legal hurdle. A gas pipeline runs within approximately one-half mile of the town. The official also stated that the company will now be able to sell gas without any restrictions because of added supplies now available.

Dennis Ice of near Orestes and member of the Lilly Creek Baptist Church will ride with 12 other high school students from four states, from Minnesota to Mississippi, tracing the route of the Mississippi River and Cross the Country for Christ.

William Reid, the present principal at Orestes will leave the post to become principal at the Alexandria Elementary School. Fred Disque will become the new principal at Orestes School.

The Kid Kanteen youth recreation center, will reopen September 2nd at 7p.m. Rules governing who can use the Kanteen facilities will be strictly enforced this year, Trout said. The Kanteen will be open only to high school students and those who graduated last spring.

The Elwood Country Club was destroyed by fire early this morning and damages are estimated at nearly $125,000.

Pierce Governor to leave Anderson.

A Monroe Township farmer was killed and his wife critically injured today in a two-car collision at Indiana 28 and the Orestes Road, which also injured four other persons riding in the second automobile. George Meyer, 80, of RR 3 Alexandria died at 3:55 p.m. at Community Hospital where his wife Pearl, 76, was still unconscious and in critical condition. The driver of the second vehicle was Robert Patrick Kennedy, 27 of Portland, Indiana. According to police reports, Meyer was traveling south on the Orestes Road and stopped at Ind 28 and then pulled into the path of the other vehicle. Mr. Kennedy was hospitalized with a broken jaw and severe facial lacerations. His wife Sandra, also 27, was treated for severe lacerations of the forehead and chest and knee injuries. Their two children, Patricia May, 6 Bradley Allen, 2 and a half suffered minor injuries.

Tornadoes swept the Hoosier state killing many and piling up damages in the millions of dollars. Dover, Sheridan, Alto, Russiaville, Greentown, Swayzee, and Marion were all hit by the Palm Sunday tornado. The state death toll reached 132.

The Orestes Boy Scout troop saw first hand the devastation of the Palm Sunday tornado as they assisted residents in the Sheridan area in removing debris. A Farmal tractor was viewed in a hay mow of a barn after the storm blew the roof away. Also a dog was lying dead beneath a small bridge where the large tornado had suffocated the dog. Most of the debris removed by the scouts was large tin roofs.

Jim Wehsollek resigns as Alexandrias head football coach.

A severe storm swept through Alexandria leaving extensive damage to the high school gymnasium. Damages are $15,500.

Robert Wetnight named the head football coach at Alexandria.

Fire destroys Yates Market in Alexandria.

Joe Besser, manager of the local Danners Store, received the Jaycee Distinguished Service Award as Alexandrias Outstanding Young Man for 1965.

The Orestes Lodge 471, Knights of Pythias will honor 50 year members Thursday evening February 17th, with a carry-in dinner beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the lodge hall. Grand Lodge officers and their wives will be guests and the Order of Pythian Sisters, female counterpart of the K. of P. will also be on hand. Fifty year members to be honored will be Eugene Stewart, Everett Judd, and Charlie Walker.

Barbara Reid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Reid is seeking the title of Miss Ball State.

5,000 troops land in Vietnam bringing the total to 255,000.

Also today was celebrated as Lloyd Stewart Day at Alexandria High School. Lloyd was crowned King for a Day complete with crown, throne, and jeweled broom. Lloyd has spent 11 years as custodian at the Alexandria High School and will retire at the end of the school year.

Everett Case, 65, the only coach in Indiana High School Basketball History to coach one team to four state basketball championships died today in Raleigh, NC.

The Kid Kanteen, for 21 years the main recreational facility available to Alexandria youth of high school age may close if changes are not made. Bud Trout, chairman of the adult council of the Kanteen announced that pressure from the police and civic leaders regarding jay-walking, extreme noise, and rowdiness, speeding, and occasional drinking, has forced the adult council to correct the problem or close the doors. The second important issue discussed was that of Saturday night dances in the winter months. Trout pointed out to an audience of youth and civic leaders that these dances have brought to bear a great financial burden on the Kanteen. With a dance on Saturday, the youth center is unable to raise its necessary $160 per month to meet operating expenses.

Announcement was made today by Charles Bull Bradley, owner of the ground west of town where Armscamp and Hilltop Speedways were operated before it burned in 1956, that he is planning to rebuild and expects to have 1,000 bleachers up for opening day, Easter Sunday, March 26th. Bradley, owner of the ABC Sign Company, and the ABC Racing Association in Marion, stated that semi late and model stock cars, 1952 to 1963 models, will run on the oval track on Sundays until warmer weather permits Friday and Saturday night performances. For those interested there will be a meeting to distribute rulings for the operation on January 15th at 8 p.m. at 519 S. Branson Street in Marion. The track will continue to be known as Armscamp Speedway.

Members of the adult and student boards of the Kid Kanteen met tonight to tackle the problem of deciding the necessity of keeping the Kid Kanteen open in view of the poor attendance during the past four months. Average attendance has been running at between 60 and 70 out of approximately 750 students.

65 students and parents responded to the 1,500 Kid Kanteen questionnaires that were handed out last week with disapproval of the Kanteen but agreed that everyone wanted something similar.

George W. Eden 70, Alexandria, was killed this evening when his pickup slammed into a Norfolk and Western switch engine at the West Washington Street Crossing.

Kid Kanteen adult and student board members voted to close the doors on the present location when the lease runs out in May. Uppermost on the survey of disapproval spelled out it was not patronized since live bands were no longer permitted due to the poorly constructed floors and a ground locating was needed. Present were Arthur Trout president; Dr. Dan Rohn and Wallace VanErman from Kiwanis, Steve Freeman representing Jaycees, and Mrs. Kenwood Collard and Mrs. Fred Marston, members at large. Students present were Ardy Absher, Tim Kelly, David Hahn, Dennis Gipe and Sam Lower.

John Green announces he would not return as coach of the Alexandria Tigers after the current season ends. Green coached the Tigers for three years and will remain as a teacher.

Members of the adult board of the Kid Kanteen and four student members convened at the City Building today to study the possibilities of working out an arrangement to establish Kanteen headquarters at the Armory.

John McFarren is named head basketball coach at Alexandria-Monroe High School.

Bobby G. Prestwood, 20, of Alexandria, was killed at 2:25 a.m. today when the car he was driving went out of control and hit a tree on a Blackford County road southeast of Hartford City. Also killed in the accident was Carl E. Stanley, both died instantly. He was born Aug 19, 1946 to Oscar and Irene Prestwood. Surviving are his widow, Shirley, two children Robert Lee and Sherry Lynn; two brothers Jerry and Tommy, two sisters, Mrs. Steve Dwiggins and Donna Lynn Prestwood all of Orestes.

The Madison County Zoning Board of Appeals voted this morning to uphold the decision of the County Planning Commission in denying Charles Bradley the zoning rights to operate a stock car racing track at his newly-acquired land formerly known as Armscamp Speedway. Reasons behind the decision were: 1, Devaluation of property; 2, trash and confusion; 3, traffic hazards; 4, Associated Transport would have to move from its present location; and 5, noise. Bradley has 30 days to appeal.

Johnny Crawford, 21, Alexandria, died as the results of stepping on a land mine in South Vietnam. Crawford was a four year veteran of the United States Army. He was born June 20, 1946 and was the first from Alexandria to lose their life in the Vietnam War.

Spc 5 Edward O. Gaines, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gaines of R.R. 3 Alexandria was wounded in a mortar attack 30 miles north of Hue while serving with the United States Army in South Vietnam. He was taken to Tripler Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii where he is reported as recuperating satisfactorily. He is expected to return to the United States in two weeks. Gaines served one year in Vietnam and returned January 10, 1968 for another six month tour of duty with the 18th Engineer Battalion. His wife is Evelyn Stone Gaines.

A raid constructed by State Excise Police, State Police and Madison County Sheriff's Department resulted in the arrest of a rural Alexandria man and his wife on charges of illegal possession and sale of alcoholic beverages and placed under $250 bond was Lawrence Auler, 45 and wife Carrie Auler, 51, $500 bond. Police confiscated liquor beer and gaming devices including 35 half pints of liquor, 3 fifths of whiskey, 134, 12 oz. Cans of beer, 87 12 oz. Bottles of beer and 10 tip books. Lawrence later received fines and costs and ten days in jail and his wife received fines and costs and 20 days in jail.

Dahl Spencer 20, former Alexandria resident now of Anderson accidentally shot himself with a .44 caliber special pistol while participating in target practice shooting and fast draw exercises at the home of Danny Ellis of R.R 2 Alexandria.

Norfolk and Western Railway Company crews are still working today to clear wreckage of ten cars and caboose of a westbound freight train which were derailed at 12:30 p.m. one mile west of Orestes. The derailment is believed to be caused by an overheated journal which burned out an axle on one of the cars spilling cars onto the Tebco Fertilizer Company property. A tank containing ammonia overturned but was no danger to area residents. The track was reopened within a few hours.

PFC Leonard Allan Roy, 19, Alexandria, is a ground casualty as a result of small arms fire in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam. He was born June 14, 1948 and graduated Alexandria-Monroe High School in 1966. He entered the United States Marines April 15, 1968. His name appears on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. (Panel 67W.Row 3).

CPL Edward Leroy Sizelove, 20, Alexandria, is a ground casualty as a result of hostile artillery, rocket and mortar fire, in the Thau Thien Province, South Vietnam. He was born December 16, 1947 and attended Orestes Consolidated School and graduated Alexandria-Monroe High School. He entered the United States Army March 23, 1968 and was in the 101st Airborne. His name appears on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. (Panel 61W..Row 16).

The body of Alan Roy was returned today to the Karl M. Kyle Funeral Home in Alexandria and the burial will be in IOOF Cemetery.

SGT Patrick Alan Hartwell, 22, Alexandria, is a ground casualty as a result of small arms fire in Cambodia while in the Vietnam War. He was born April 8, 1948 and attended Orestes Consolidated School and graduated from Alexandria-Monroe High School in 1967. He entered the U.S. Army January 7, 1970 and was a member of the 1st Cavalry. His name appears on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. (Panel 9W..Row 13). His parents Joseph and Evelyn Hartwell are Charter Members of the Orestes Historical Society.

Ray Davis, the general storekeeper and historian of Orestes, has been trying for quite a spell to gain recognition and a special place of honor for a magnificent white oak tree which stands on the property of the Orestes Christian Church in Orestes. The tree is affectionately regarded by the town folks and particularly the members of the church congregation.